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Robbie – R.I.P.

It’s with great joy that I announce, Robbie is just a fatty lipoma and nothing to be worried about! ¬†ūüôā

While I am absolutely relieved…

I have to say, it was an interesting ride!

While I had hoped for a boot in the right direction health wise (for the post about that, click here), I did get a different type of boot.

Prior to noticing Robbie, I had scheduled an out of town overnight for the family to get together to wish my mom a happy birthday. ¬†I knew I didn’t want to tell my family about Robbie, because they worry more than I do and it was my mom’s birthday, so I didn’t want to overshadow it. ¬†In the back of my mind, however, were all kinds of surreal thoughts about how if something did turn out to be wrong, we would have this fun¬†family get together to cherish before it all went down.

The other thing that was really wild, was during both the drive there and back, it seemed that every time I looked up to read a billboard sign, it was something about God or Jesus and it made me feel like I was being spiritually supported while I waited for the news.

Finally near the end of the drive home, I got the call and after hanging up said a prayer of thanks that it was nothing to worry about.

Intellectually, I know I don’t really need a huge event like a cancer scare to make changes for the better with my health, but it certainly does seem easier with something that big to back it up. ¬†Maybe for now, ever time I remember Robbie, I can get up and walk around for 5 minutes. ¬†At least that way the¬†“interesting ride”¬†won’t have been for nothing.




Liebster Award



First I want to thank Soul Gifts for the nomination!

The rules for this award are:

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Books – I just read Sue Klebold’s – A Mother’s Reckoning | Living in the aftermath of a tragedy. ¬†I strongly recommend it to anyone who has heard of the Columbine shootings or has ever blamed another parents “lack of parenting” as a cause for their child’s actions. ¬†I couldn’t put the book down. ¬†It changed my world.

Movies – I absolutely loved the humor, both sarcastic and dry¬†in “Deadpool.” ¬†It is most definitely not for everyone, but when the opening credits list the producers as “ass hats” and the director as “an overpaid tool” I know I was in the right movie for my taste.

Hobby – kitty rescue. ¬†I currently have…my 19 year old calico rescue, my 3 year old buddies a Russian blue and a brown tabby (one gifted by a moving neighbor, the other rescued from a feral momma to keep former company), a tabby that was formally feral with a broken leg, but is now the sweetest kitty ever. ¬†A formally TNR kitty that adopted me. ¬†Two feral’s that come for dinner. ¬†Turns out before I could tame them they mated…so Tuxedo baby-daddy and Tabby mommy have five¬†2 week old¬†kittens¬†and yesterday I added a 2 day old abandoned kitten to the litter. ¬†I might be slightly over my cat limit for my apartment. Shhhhhhhh

Nominees are:



Arcane Owl

Thanks again Soul Gifts. ūüôā

Momma Bear!

For anyone who has never experienced that instant when mothers instinctively respond to whatever situation “appears” to threaten their child’s health or happiness…let me just warn you…STEP AWAY FROM THE CHILD!!!

Tonight I went on the patio to feed my ferals.

I found the little girl being aggressive again and her tummy thinner. Off in the corner, in a box I put out, there were little kittens.

I peaked while she ate, but she immediately let me know that visitors were NOT welcome!

So I gave them space.

I’m so excited to see these little babies. What a wonderful gift to remind me of how precious life is.

I saw at least three, but there could definitly be more.

Sweet little kittens…what a wonderful day.


Thanks Rose for the reminder!

Today I am grateful. I have been very fortunate in my lifetime. I have experienced many wonderful things. The love of family, friends and companions. The love of a child.
The love of many kitties.

I am grateful for the ability to see the world through my senses.

To feel warmth, like that of the sun shining on me as I lie on the beach. Warmth of a fireplace roaring in the winter time. Warmth from a campfire crackling in the open air.

To feel coolness, like that of a lake on a hot day. The crisp fall night air, with the windows open and the blankets pulled up tight. The frosty nip at your nose as you play in the snow.

To hear birds singing, ocean water roaring, crickets chirping, lakes trickling, kitties purring, the sweet sound of my son when he was just a toddler saying “mommy.” The church bells in the distance and so many wonderful songs and beautiful music shared by talented people all over the world.

To see the many amazing scenes played out in nature every single day. The sky’s vast canvass of virtually every color. From the deepest blues on a clear day to the gray and black storm clouds. The streaks of pink, orange and purple of sunrises and sunsets. The beautiful oceans of blue and teal, the white rush of water at the oceans edge, the clear water that covers the tiny stream revealing the polished rocks and mossy edges of dirt. The rock formations and mountains of majesty. The trees of every color and size, from ancient redwoods, to the tiniest sprouting acorn. Fields of greens and flowers for as far as the eye can absorb. Sunflowers, roses, iris, carnations, johnny jump ups, tulips, clovers and daisy’s. The amazing wingspan of a hawk flying overhead looking for his next meal.

To taste some of the most decedent desserts and the simplest pleasures like ice cold water on a muggy summer day. The combinations of salty and sweet or sweet and spicy. The crispness of an apple and the silliness of jello. The bitterness of a lemon muted with sugar and the tanginess of vinegar on the evil brussel sprout.

To smell a cake baking in the oven, or a pot roast simmering for dinner. To smell bacon wafting outside of a breakfast restaurant. The cleanness of freshly dried towels. The powdery innocence of a baby. The cocoa butter of tanning oil and breathtaking eucalyptus. A citrusy orange freshly peeled. A perfect cup of coffee. Root-beer.

To know there is still so much left out there to feel, hear, see, taste and smell. Yes, today I am grateful.