As a parent

As a parent – I’m blessed everyday with the laughter and sarcasm of my child. His unique outlook and creative thinking bring me joy that is incomparable. And it never fails to touch my heart each and every time he flashes me the “I love you” sign.

As a parent – I give thanks for his silliness and the charm he could have only gotten from his father.

As a parent – I stop and think about his future more than I’ve ever thought about mine. Where will he end up? How will he get there? Will he love the journey?

As a parent – I realize how much my parents did for me; all the sacrifices, both emotional and financial. I see in hindsight so many ways that I made it difficult for them. Thank goodness they forgive me for being the child that I was.

As a parent – I look at the world so differently. The past, present and future, all have completely different meaning to me than they once had.  I pray a lot for my son’s future, but I know that the present is all we truly have.

As a parent – I have been judged by family, friends and strangers alike for the choices I’ve made with my son. Thank God I don’t have to answer to anyone, but my son.

As a parent – I have never been so compelled to live…for the sake of my son. Not just survive, but actually thrive, so that I can be an example to him of the life I hope that he finds.

My life is forever changed and endlessly better, because of my role – as a parent.