Momma Bear!

For anyone who has never experienced that instant when mothers instinctively respond to whatever situation “appears” to threaten their child’s health or happiness…let me just warn you…STEP AWAY FROM THE CHILD!!!

Tonight I went on the patio to feed my ferals.

I found the little girl being aggressive again and her tummy thinner. Off in the corner, in a box I put out, there were little kittens.

I peaked while she ate, but she immediately let me know that visitors were NOT welcome!

So I gave them space.

I’m so excited to see these little babies. What a wonderful gift to remind me of how precious life is.

I saw at least three, but there could definitly be more.

Sweet little kittens…what a wonderful day.

2 thoughts on “Momma Bear!

  1. Mums go into fearsome protection mode when it comes to any perceived threat to their babies – doesn’t matter if they’re human or animal 🙂 It’s delightful to watch new life unfold. Enjoy

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