Robbie – R.I.P.

It’s with great joy that I announce, Robbie is just a fatty lipoma and nothing to be worried about!  🙂

While I am absolutely relieved…

I have to say, it was an interesting ride!

While I had hoped for a boot in the right direction health wise (for the post about that, click here), I did get a different type of boot.

Prior to noticing Robbie, I had scheduled an out of town overnight for the family to get together to wish my mom a happy birthday.  I knew I didn’t want to tell my family about Robbie, because they worry more than I do and it was my mom’s birthday, so I didn’t want to overshadow it.  In the back of my mind, however, were all kinds of surreal thoughts about how if something did turn out to be wrong, we would have this fun family get together to cherish before it all went down.

The other thing that was really wild, was during both the drive there and back, it seemed that every time I looked up to read a billboard sign, it was something about God or Jesus and it made me feel like I was being spiritually supported while I waited for the news.

Finally near the end of the drive home, I got the call and after hanging up said a prayer of thanks that it was nothing to worry about.

Intellectually, I know I don’t really need a huge event like a cancer scare to make changes for the better with my health, but it certainly does seem easier with something that big to back it up.  Maybe for now, ever time I remember Robbie, I can get up and walk around for 5 minutes.  At least that way the “interesting ride” won’t have been for nothing.



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