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Lost in thought

I’ve been lost in thought lately.  I did have to put Kokomo to sleep a few days after my last post.  I’ve been on the energy roller coaster since then, cleaning until 2 or 3 am for several days and then sleeping a whole day away.  I am trying to keep up with everyone’s posts, but know I’m a bit behind.  I will get caught up though.


Dear Kokomo

My sweet 20 year old Calico kitty. Besides my son, you are the last thing connecting me to my ex, the man that adopted you to impress me.

I didn’t know it at the time, but you were rescued from being put to sleep by a coworker of your dad’s and he decided to take you in, because he thought since I loved cats so much, it would bring us closer. Of course, I didn’t know this until after our divorce, but on some level it brings me joy that his caring about me, saved you.

You were a feisty little kitten. I had made the two hour drive to the West side of Florida to spend the weekend with your dad, when I got a call saying, “I need your help.” It was your dad. He had adopted you from the coworker during work hours and you wouldn’t stay in your make-shift box carrier and they were afraid you would get out in to the mall and be lost forever.

So I rushed over to get you. When I got to the back room, there you were on the desk batting peppermint hard candies around. You were completely oblivious to all the workers that were cooing over you…all you cared about was the little candy.

I was completely smitten with you from the very first sight.

I drove you in your make shift box to your dad’s place. At every light you would pop your head out of the box and I’d have to get it back in before the light turned green again. It was hilarious.

I got your safely settled in and when your dad got off work he joined us. It was so cute to watch this grown 6’4″ man get way down low and talk baby talk to this tiny little tot of a kitten. He was right, I loved him even more for adopting you.

After a few weeks, you started to get mean. It was because your dad worked so many hours around the holiday’s and you were lonely. So I talked him into adopting your brother, Bandit. At first you wanted to kill bandit, but just like us, he won you over.

Within a few weeks, you two were inseparable. You would run so fast that you could run up the side of the wall over the couch behind us without falling and then hit the ground running when you got to the other side. It was so cute. You would run across your dad’s head and in and out of the covers all night long. I couldn’t believe you never woke him, but you certainly left him with a few scratches.

When your dad and I moved in together, it was the day a hurricane was supposed to hit Florida. I lived on the East Coast and he was moving in with me. So he drugged you two and put you in the jeep to make the two hour trip to my place, only a few hours before the hurricane hit. Your brother was out like a light, but not you. You hated the drugged sensation and cried until you felt normal again, including the whole two hour drive. I thought your dad was a saint for not smothering you. He handled it like a trooper.

You were always daddy’s little girl. Dad never had the same schedule from week to week, but like clockwork, when daddy sat on the couch to watch tv, with beer in hand, you would park yourself right up on his lap and purr like a kitten.

When we moved from our first place into a bigger place, we got one with a beautiful screened in patio (“lanai”…I’m still not used to that name!). You and your brother Bandit would wake me up just before sunrise and I would open the slider and let you two watch the sunset come up together from the lanai. You were adorable. You would catch bugs and lizards every morning.

Then one morning a cat was outside and you went nuts. You used your claws to slice the screen and out you went to eat that cat. Your dad and I panicked…it was still mostly dark and we were out there running around trying to catch you. Not because we were worried about you with the other cat, but we were living on a lake full of alligators. It took a half an hour, but we finally got you in and because you smelled like outside now, Bandit didn’t recognize you anymore and you two started fighting. That lasted two days before I finally got advice to put a little of your dad’s cologne on you both so you would both smell the same and magically, it worked like a charm.

You and your brother were scared to death when you human brother came into the world. You wanted nothing to do with him, but you compromised because you had to if you wanted daddy’s lap. Kiddo in dad’s arm, you in dad’s lap. I would try to hold you, but you could care less about me, you were dad’s cat.

When your kitty brother ran away, you seemed lonely at first, but then got closer to your human brother, so we didn’t get another kitty.

Later we ended up adopting two dogs. You were the queen of the house though, those dogs ran in fear from you. They knew better than to even sniff in your general direction.

When your dad and I split, he took the dogs and I took you because dad was not himself and I worried you would get the short end of the stick when dad was having bad days.

You were never super close to me, but once we moved, you became very affectionate with me. You dominate our home now too. The two adopted kitties I have now, know who is boss and NEVER get in your way.

You’ve been declining in health for a while now. You don’t hear well, you seem to get lost and I’m not sure how well you see either. You just lick most of your food now and miss the litter box more than you make it, but you seemed content to this point.

Today when I cleaned your litter box though, I found pink. You have the saw-dust pellets for litter, so they are usually just brown or yellowish. I’ve never seen them pink before. I cleaned it all out and put a different batch in there, in case it was just a different type of wood used for that batch, but tomorrow we will know for sure. If it continues to be pink, that is blood in your urine. While I could put you on antibiotics, this is just the second time in less than a year that I would be dragging you to the vet after 19 years of never needing to be seen. I feel like this is just the beginning of the end and the last thing I want is for you to suffer in the end. So if there is pink tomorrow, I think I know what I have to do.

It will be so hard, but you have been so loved for 20 years, and I know it’s right not to make the end bad by hanging on too long.

Your name was taken from the song Kokomo, because your dad and I would go to the Florida keys to get away and had so many wonderful memories there watching the performers with the cats and visiting the store for cats, that we wanted to be reminded of that happiness anytime we looked at you. Now anytime I hear that song, I will be reminded of the happiness you brought me.

I love you pretty kitty Kokomo. See you in the next life.

Kitten Watch 2016

My brood is 3 weeks old tomorrow.  Our foster kittens is a week and a few days.

I finally had to rearrange the patio when momma tried to hijack the kittens because another cat came on the patio.  So they are now inside a small pet play pen with a wooden platform on top.  It’s easier to see them when they are moving around, so I got a little video for you.

Then I realized that I can’t add video because I’m on the free plan.  So I did pics of the video…not as good, but still cute!  Sorry for the glare, I have to film through my sliding glass door.

Left is the calico/tabby mix, right are 2 tuxedo’s and 1 tabby

3 week A

Second tabby

Three Weeks B

Ok, calico/tabby might be my fav….it’s also the one that hissed and spit at me when I picked her up to move her to the enclosure…lol…ooohhh I’m so scared tiny tough kitten.

Three Weeks C

Below is foster kittens backside.  You can see by the tiny tail and legs how much smaller she is. (I say she, but I have no idea!)

Three Weeks D

I was worried about our little foster being trampled by my brood, but no joke, she is the toughest of them all.  She just plows over and under them like Bugs Bunny in the theater scene.

How can you not smile at them. ❤


Liebster Award



First I want to thank Soul Gifts for the nomination!

The rules for this award are:

  • 1. Post a short Q&A about themselves
  • 2. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog
  • 3. Nominate others



Books – I just read Sue Klebold’s – A Mother’s Reckoning | Living in the aftermath of a tragedy.  I strongly recommend it to anyone who has heard of the Columbine shootings or has ever blamed another parents “lack of parenting” as a cause for their child’s actions.  I couldn’t put the book down.  It changed my world.

Movies – I absolutely loved the humor, both sarcastic and dry in “Deadpool.”  It is most definitely not for everyone, but when the opening credits list the producers as “ass hats” and the director as “an overpaid tool” I know I was in the right movie for my taste.

Hobby – kitty rescue.  I currently have…my 19 year old calico rescue, my 3 year old buddies a Russian blue and a brown tabby (one gifted by a moving neighbor, the other rescued from a feral momma to keep former company), a tabby that was formally feral with a broken leg, but is now the sweetest kitty ever.  A formally TNR kitty that adopted me.  Two feral’s that come for dinner.  Turns out before I could tame them they mated…so Tuxedo baby-daddy and Tabby mommy have five 2 week old kittens and yesterday I added a 2 day old abandoned kitten to the litter.  I might be slightly over my cat limit for my apartment. Shhhhhhhh

Nominees are:



Arcane Owl

Thanks again Soul Gifts. 🙂


After a crazy two weeks, I’m feeling worn out, but hopeful.

Kitten Watch: Two days ago, I had five kittens, but yesterday I added number six. A newborn kitten that had been abandoned and needed a lactating mom. While she is considerably smaller than my brood, she is surviving.  My initial five are growing like weeds and are starting to open their eyes.

Tent City: I’m still very upset about the prospect of the mayor forcing the people to leave Tent City without any type of plan for them. I created my protest sign and then on Wednesday, the day I took off, we had really bad storms, so I decided to wait until today. I plan to just stand on any street corner this weekend and then on Wednesday, my next vacation day, I’m going downtown to the Mayors office.

Kiddo: We just finished week three of the last quarter of the school year and I can now say beyond a shadow of a doubt that his meds are finally balanced. He barely mentions staying home and has his grades back up. It’s such a relief too, that he is not at the maximum dose of any of the meds he is on, so when he does grow (and he will!) we can just make increases, instead of starting from scratch. So instead of a 3 month hellish change, it will be a 2-3 week not quite hellish change. 🙂 Seriously, it’s a huge relief!

Gluten Free: I finally gave up on the Gluten challenge. I realized all the foods I’d been eating were processed because I was looking for it to say gluten free on it. I’m back to eating fresher…veggies, fruits, etc and I feel alright. I don’t think I ever made it long enough to know whether it was really helping, but I guess if I get to feeling bad enough, I’ll try again.

Finding Love: hahahahahaha

Also I was nominated for an award and a challenge…so I will be back later today to share.

Momma Bear!

For anyone who has never experienced that instant when mothers instinctively respond to whatever situation “appears” to threaten their child’s health or happiness…let me just warn you…STEP AWAY FROM THE CHILD!!!

Tonight I went on the patio to feed my ferals.

I found the little girl being aggressive again and her tummy thinner. Off in the corner, in a box I put out, there were little kittens.

I peaked while she ate, but she immediately let me know that visitors were NOT welcome!

So I gave them space.

I’m so excited to see these little babies. What a wonderful gift to remind me of how precious life is.

I saw at least three, but there could definitly be more.

Sweet little kittens…what a wonderful day.