Over-reaction much?

Kokomo’s litter is not pink today.  Guess I over-reacted.  I’m sure this is shocking!  lol


3 thoughts on “Over-reaction much?

    1. I was so expecting it to happen with her age and not getting around well that I immediately jumped to worst case scenario. I still believe she doesn’t have much time, so I wanted to capture my feelings in case next time is sudden. Thank you for the hugs and sorry I confused.

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      1. Oh don’t be sorry! I’m just so glad Kokomo is doing well. I confuse EVERYTHING. 3 years after buying my car I still get muddled locking and unlocking it. Its one of those locks you have to turn the key twice. I never remember – is it left to right or right to left? And then I get flustered as people watch me wrestle like an idiot with my car door in the middle of a parking lot. I look like a thief who’s trying to break in lol 🙂


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