Kittens…just a bit longer

I’m a little misty eyed.  Monday, my brood is 6 weeks, the magic number for adoption. My little foster’s family decided they can’t take her, so I’m going to keep the smaller tabby behind to keep my foster company until she is ready (in about a week and a half) for adoption, but I already have 4 families wanting to come adopt the rest.

Of course, I have kept my emotional distance and I haven’t named them, so I thought I was in the clear, but tonight I went and sat with them again and it was like my heart grew three sizes.

I know I will do the right thing by them and let them get happy homes, but it will be harder than I thought.

I had planned to keep them until they could be fixed, but when I called they told me it could be 4 more weeks and close to $300. Since I am lucky to have made it this long without getting caught with them, I just can’t risk it, but I plan to make sure their new homes will ensure they are fixed.

The really cool thing is that several of the adopters want to adopt in pairs and I think that’s the best of all options for a kitten, so my heart is happy for them.

Once they are homed, I think I’m going to get momma cat fixed in try to bring her inside for a bit. She has really warmed up to me now that the kittens climb all over me like I’m “kitty mountain.” I can’t keep her because I’m at my pet limit (times 3), but she is becoming so docile I don’t think having her fixed and left feral is fair to her. So if I can tame her a bit more, I’m sure I can find her a good home.

I can’t believe my brood (and the foster) survived outside on my patio for 6 weeks. Nature is truly a force to be reckoned with…and I guess, maybe so is their momma cat and their human mom. 🙂

To the kittens!!!

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