Kitten Watch 2016

My brood is 3 weeks old tomorrow.  Our foster kittens is a week and a few days.

I finally had to rearrange the patio when momma tried to hijack the kittens because another cat came on the patio.  So they are now inside a small pet play pen with a wooden platform on top.  It’s easier to see them when they are moving around, so I got a little video for you.

Then I realized that I can’t add video because I’m on the free plan.  So I did pics of the video…not as good, but still cute!  Sorry for the glare, I have to film through my sliding glass door.

Left is the calico/tabby mix, right are 2 tuxedo’s and 1 tabby

3 week A

Second tabby

Three Weeks B

Ok, calico/tabby might be my fav….it’s also the one that hissed and spit at me when I picked her up to move her to the enclosure…lol…ooohhh I’m so scared tiny tough kitten.

Three Weeks C

Below is foster kittens backside.  You can see by the tiny tail and legs how much smaller she is. (I say she, but I have no idea!)

Three Weeks D

I was worried about our little foster being trampled by my brood, but no joke, she is the toughest of them all.  She just plows over and under them like Bugs Bunny in the theater scene.

How can you not smile at them. ❤


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