Talking Tuesday

Yesterday went something like this….

Extreme wave of anger filled with annoyance and resentfulness,

Followed by an anxiety attack that had me googling stroke symptoms,

Ending with feverish like chills,

Then I felt sleepy, so I took a fifteen minute nap and whatever that was passed with the rest of the day being completely uneventful.


Today I feel chatty!  My poor child suffered through my random thoughts all the way to school.  I don’t think he has ever gotten out of the car that fast in his life…hmmmm…maybe I should do that more often! Lol

I think I’m mentally gearing up for tomorrow.  I found out there will be meetings going on about the people of tent city while I’m out there protesting.   I just need to find out the time.

Meanwhile, I must get off here and go to work, but I’ll be back later for my last quote!

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