After a crazy two weeks, I’m feeling worn out, but hopeful.

Kitten Watch: Two days ago, I had five kittens, but yesterday I added number six. A newborn kitten that had been abandoned and needed a lactating mom. While she is considerably smaller than my brood, she is surviving. ย My initial five are growing like weeds and are starting to open their eyes.

Tent City: I’m still very upset about the prospect of the mayor forcing the people to leave Tent City without any type of plan for them. I created my protest sign and then on Wednesday, the day I took off, we had really bad storms, so I decided to wait until today. I plan to just stand on any street corner this weekend and then on Wednesday, my next vacation day, I’m going downtown to the Mayors office.

Kiddo: We just finished week three of the last quarter of the school year and I can now say beyond a shadow of a doubt that his meds are finally balanced. He barely mentions staying home and has his grades back up. It’s such a relief too, that he is not at the maximum dose of any of the meds he is on, so when he does grow (and he will!) we can just make increases, instead of starting from scratch. So instead of a 3 month hellish change, it will be a 2-3 week not quite hellish change. ๐Ÿ™‚ Seriously, it’s a huge relief!

Gluten Free: I finally gave up on the Gluten challenge. I realized all the foods I’d been eating were processed because I was looking for it to say gluten free on it. I’m back to eating fresher…veggies, fruits, etc and I feel alright. I don’t think I ever made it long enough to know whether it was really helping, but I guess if I get to feeling bad enough, I’ll try again.

Finding Love: hahahahahaha

Also I was nominated for an award and a challenge…so I will be back later today to share.

6 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Ah, yes. But perhaps it is only until we learn to not close ourselves off from love, is when our desperate search for it finally comes to an end and we live happily ever after. But then again they say nothing lasts forever. Im slowly becoming bitter and hopeless myself .

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    1. I understand that feeling. My divorce left me disillusioned and closed off. It’s taken almost six years (and a lot of counseling) to open my heart again, but I’ve been alone so long I’ve gotten pretty comfortable with it and sometimes wonder if I want someone in my space again. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m kind of throwing the white flag and hoping love finds me. I guess that’s not exactly a strong plan…lol


  2. Such good new about kiddo! Now that takes away a chunk of suffering for your both. I’m thrilled he’s responding!! ๐Ÿ™‚ And tent city – you go girl. Follow your convictions and know that one person CAN make a difference. Love? Hahahahahahahaaaa, me too ;P And the gluten free – if its not working don’t waste the energy. You seem to have everything under control. Pft love…hahahahaa

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