Time’s up – over bloaw, snap back to reality – Eminem

In a previous post, I talked about my vision for helping those that struggled to make it in our society achieve independence and while I knew it was going to take time, I was visiting the homeless at a downtown Tent City and bringing them supplies to help in the meantime. I haven’t been there in a bit, but I’ve been continuing to collect items for them and was just saying how relieved I was that the threat of winter has passed, making it less likely that any of them would die from the elements while I was putting my plan into place.

Last night I read in the news that the mayor has decided everyone must leave tent city by the first week in May.

“You do it in a civil, but serious manner and say, ‘You’re not going to stay here,’” explained Rawlings during his State of the Homeless address on Tuesday.

The shelters in the area are already bursting at the seams. Tent city, at last count had over 250 tents. What are these people supposed to do? Seriously? All your doing is moving them from one area to another. STOP MOVING THEM. Find a solution!!!

And what about the few items they’ve collected in their tent? How are they supposed to get them from where they are to where ever they go? It’s not like they can pack it in the car and drive away! WTF???   Should they just leave behind the last few items they own?

When I read the mayors words “You do it in a civil, but serious manner”….I have to ask

How is evicting a homeless person from the tent they live in CIVIL????

I want to stage a protest…

Have a human chain hold hands surrounding tent city and repeat over and over that we don’t move them until we solve this

but I have no social media presence, I have very few friends, I have this anonymous blog where most of the people I am connected to live all over the world and not here.

I felt my whole body, spirit and soul got sucked into a huge vortex. How could I have waited so long to help them. How could I have spent one weekend on my couch doing nothing. How could I not give any money I had. How could I not have worked tirelessly to get things going. How will I meet my maker and when he asks what I’ve done, tell him NOTHING!

I couldn’t go to work today. I can’t do anything. I feel like a mountain just fell from the sky and crushed me and I don’t care if I ever get up again.

If you are religious, please say a prayer for those living in Tent City.

6 thoughts on “Time’s up – over bloaw, snap back to reality – Eminem

  1. You have a voice, you are writing passionately about righting a wrong, you have collected and given – that, my friend is NOT NOTHING!! Small acts grow in momentum and start change. One small step may seem small, but it is not when it is done with a loving and giving heart 🙂 Bless you and Tent City

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  2. There is nothing civil, fair or just in uprooting the homeless from their makeshift homes. My heart goes out to you that your empathy has brought you so much pain. You are not alone in your advocacy for the homeless. Here is a link you should watch:

    People with celebrity and an audience work alongside you, one individual. You do make a difference. Everyone with a voice will make a difference. Even if you made a placard and stood as a lone individual during their eviction, by the mere fact that you stand alone this will draw attention from the media. Get onto twitter. Get the word out. Go to the city, interview people, take their photograph. What are their backgrounds, their dreams, their stories. Learn to know them so you can represent them from a personal level. Make Tent City and the homeless personal. Post someone’s photo and brief story on twitter – one person every hour. Phone your local newspaper, tv station and tell them what you are doing. Your hands are not tied because you are only one person. Now go forth and conquer. I’ll be here to support you – anything I’m capable of doing


    1. OMG Pieces…thank you! You are right. I can’t just sit in my depression cocoon. They still need me…even if I am just one person. I’m going to get a sign made. thank you thank you thank you ❤

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      1. Pretend I’m there with you. And contact your local media and let them know that a lone person will be there in protest. That’s not your usual protest, so they’ll be curious and will probably do a story – even just a human interest story “what is this mad woman standing up on her own for these derelicts” And then you can advocate for them. I know you are going to be successful. Whatever happens, with you being there, something good WILL come out of your efforts xxx ❤

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