Day 6 – Pluses and plus sizes

I’m still hanging in with the Gluten free diet.

I haven’t been feeling as stiff, my IBS seems to be settling a little bit, but I have gained 5 pounds.

Obviously it’s not “Gluten Free’s” fault that I gained 5 pounds, it’s mine, for making poor trade offs, but that is a pretty big concern.

Tonight, I will not change anything because I have to work till 10 pm, but tomorrow night after work I’m going to get fruits and veggies that I can grab and go.

I think my biggest problem is when I get up, or first get home, if I’m hungry it seems to overwhelming to cook, so I snack and that’s bad. If I have fruits and veggies to snack on that will allow me to quench that initial hunger and hopefully encourage me to take the time to cook good food. Wish me luck…15 days to go.

OH, speaking of good food

I tried a 2die4 recipe for super easy Lettuce Wraps

Click here to check it out.

4 thoughts on “Day 6 – Pluses and plus sizes

  1. Cutting out gluten is very difficult, with such restrictive choices. So I think you’re doing fantastically well. Good idea with the fruit and veg theory – its workable. Keep it up! You are almost half way to the finish line. Love, love lettuce wraps 🙂

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