Glass House

If there is one thing I can honestly say, it’s that I have no business judging anyone, ever!   So, welcome to my glass house.

Life is like an infinite number of continuum’s.

Every person is at their own place on any one continuum.

On the anxiety continuum you have “severe life altering devastating anxiety” on one end and “fearless” on the other.

On the patience continuum you have “completely agitated can’t wait for anything” on one end and “Mother Theresa” on the other.
There are continuum’s for so many things…really anything you can think of.

Intelligence, patients, anxiety, goal setting, anger, self reliance, emotional maturity, relationships, peace…and on and on…

I remember as a young child, because I was bright, I thought that I was smarter than everyone else and therefore they should always do things the way I suggested…as surely I would always be right. So while I was a little higher on the intelligence continuum, I was really, really low on the emotional maturity, treating people with respect and valuing other people’s input continuum’s. And as you can imagine, I was often disliked.

I missed a lot of important emotional milestones in my development and as a result didn’t fit in well with others from an early age.

My life in general went off the rails at about 14. I really didn’t truly pull it together until well into my 20’s at which time I began a hard fought battle regain so much lost time and so many missed lessons in an effort to catch up with other people my age.

In some areas I still feel like I’m no where near where I should be for my age and place in life. I keep working on those things, but I know my house will always be made of glass.

In other areas I’m starting to excel. Not because I’m better or smarter, but because I’ve been forced to face it, live it, deal with it at an intense level, mostly through forces outside of my control.

I believe that is true, on some level, for most people. That most people excel in some areas, while simultaneously struggling in others.

So what’s my point????

Please don’t ever read my stories and think for a second that I think I’m better than anyone because I might have had a great day or a successful moment. Keep reading, you will see my weaknesses too.

Know that when I read your stories, judgement is the last thing on my mind. If anything, I search my heart & some of my battle scars to see if I can find a weapon that may help you get through your challenges. Or I study long and hard to see how you overcame your adversity so that I can try to emulate your success in my life.

I realize that I may still come across as if I think I am better than, but know that it’s simply not true…it’s really just a genuine desire to help anyone that may be struggling with something I was already forced to face on that particular continuum.

And please always feel free to share your wisdom with me, if you have a handy tool I can use, as I still have a long way to go on my journey.


5 thoughts on “Glass House

      1. Maybe. I like that you are completely honest. Feel free to allow others to learn from your life lessons. That is the beauty of fellowship. We are able to help one another- using our experiences at times.

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      2. I agree. I may feel the need to be pensive in the real world, but there is no real reason to be here. It gives me a freedom from my past mistakes. Even if I still outwardly own them.

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