21 days

I’m sure that title conjures up different things for different people.

Like, if I said you had to start running a 5K everyday for 21 days, or quit smoking (if you do) for 21 days, it might seem overwhelming. On the other hand if I said you get 21 days of paid vacation on top of your regular vacation or get 21 days of rent/mortgage free this year it might make you feel elated.

So, with that in mind, I learned many years ago that it takes 21 days to make a habit and less than 3 to break it. I have no proof of the first, but the latter I can totally attest to!

In any case, I have used the 21 day rule a number of times in my life to force change in my behavior because, for me, I can hang in there 21 days, and even if at the end I decide not to continue, it feels like success.

So yesterday I started my 21 days of gluten free.

Up until yesterday I was merely dabling in it. I’ve tried new recipes and food substitutes, with both glowing results and my fair share of garbage can fillers.

I hadn’t completely given in to the fact that it has to be all or nothing with Gluten.

So yesterday was day one. I worked from home which made it easier. Day two, still fairly easy, I found bread substitutes and that was the biggest hurdle, so I kind of thought I was home free.

Then I discovered there was one tiny little habit I hadn’t acknowledged until yesterday that I would have give up. Yesterday is was easy, but today….it took effort.

My son’s pizza. Yes, my son eats pizza nearly everyday. Yes, I’m a horrible parent. Let’s move on, shall we?

Anyway, I usually cut a sliver off of one piece and give him the rest. As a rule I don’t eat pizza much anymore at all. I’ve been able to accept that even one slice is seriously hindering my desire to get back to a healthy weight, so I don’t enjoy it as much as I once did and I don’t crave it.  That said, that one little sliver was apparently a fairly ingrained habit.

Yesterday, I chuckled at the pizza and thought, silly me…I can’t eat that sliver that has gluten in it. After which, I gave it no more thought.

Today, it was mocking me. I sliced the pizza in small slices and after plating it really had to tell myself, NO!

I know it’s just 21 days and we are almost through 2, but WOW suddenly it seems a LOT harder.

19 more days, just 19 more days, only 19 more days…you are going to feel amazing!

6 thoughts on “21 days

  1. lol yes I hear you. Pizza was the saddest meal to give up. I even used to FORBID my then husband to bring any in the house. He had to eat it in the car LOL!! But I buy a ready-made flour in a box (Glutagon, I think). Then you just throw in whatever…… egg or milk, I can’t remember, top with your favourite topping and voila ! A gluten-free pizza to order. Your son might even prefer YOUR pizza to the other

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