I wanted to post a follow up on my rant (previous post) from the other day.

I spoke to my counselor about it and considering she is a professional in the field, I value her opinion much more than the preschools.

Now that I think about it, I spoke to pretty much anyone that would listen to me. 🙂

She was absolutely stunned at the article and the “baseless claims” they made.  She reminded me that people use things like this to build themselves up, by tearing others down.  She couldn’t believe the journalist did not get input from professionals to either confirm or counter the claims made.

It still infuriates me!  

How many parents who are dealing with a preschooler with differences are now going to go home and question everything they do?  Because that’s helpful.  I wish I had a platform to stop this.  When a professional in a caregiver role provides clients with information, they should first have their facts straight, but also understand that this client may consider them an authority on the subject because of their provider role and should be crystal clear when they are offering merely an opinion about the cause of something so dynamic.

I wish I could reach every mom of a preschool aged child with unexplained anxiety and reassure them they didn’t “cause” it.  

I know from personal experience how earth shattering that can feel.


2 thoughts on “Update

  1. My experience is that true experts in the field are slow to diagnose and do so after much investigation for this very reason. Behavior is so hard to understand, evaluate and understand. I believe that “dimestore experts” who base their opinions on anecdotal evidence or limited formal training can do a great deal of damage.

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    1. I agree. I feel like the damage can be catastrophic to a child. A child, especially one having undiagnosed differences, needs a consistent and confident parent to reassure them they are safe and are going to be OK. That is hard enough for a parent, that doesn’t know what is happening with their child, but even worse, when that parent is told they are the problem.

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