Mindfulness through television

Over the years, I’ve read plenty about mindfulness and it’s benefits to those of us who struggle with anxiety. Unfortunely, it’s a lot like exercise and only benefits those who are consistent in practice and I’m anything but.

I found a funny way to squeeze it in.

I am using my TV time to be mindful.

No, I didn’t give up my TV time to be mindful, I’m using it!

I began watching one intense show a night (walking dead, x-files, etc) and when the action reaches an intense level, I check my bodies response. Normally, I’m gripping the pillow, shallow breathing (if at all) and all my muscles are tensed. So, I tell myself to relax and breath slowely while continuing to watch the action. While I don’t always stay that way for long, the fact that I am able to will myself into a calm physical state is a huge improvement over before.

Yestereday, I put it to the test. I was super anxious about picking up the phone when I saw it was my ex…and guess what??? It worked! I was able to breath out the tension and remain that way for the brief call.

I was so excited at my progress that it motivated me to get off the couch and walk again.

That was the first 20 minute walk since the beginning of January!

I think that calls for more TV…don’t you think?

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