To free or not to free

I’m not a believer in fad diets. I tried some in my younger years, but ultimately realized, FOR ME, losing weight is really just eating right and exercising. I’ve done it successfully before and I’m sure I will again.

However comma

My doctor thinks that I might benefit from some combination of Paleo and Gluten Free changes to my current caloric intake.

**stares blankly at the doctor, blinks twice and repeats “Paleo?”**

Why, you ask?

I’ve suffered from a variety of maladies over the years starting with IBS, progressing to serious vitamin deficiencies and recently a stiffness that reminds me of working out to hard, but having done nothing.

Doc says all of that could be my gut (hate that word, so going forward “tubes” = “gut”) and that it’s been pretty consistently inflamed since my teenage years. It would explain a lot! Also, recently read that they are starting to study how “tube” trouble could affect mental health. Another interesting twist!

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been experimenting with the gluten free food selection available locally and some have been a huge hit, while others have been down right disgusting.

Most of my favorite pre-made dishes have come from Udi’s. They make some breads and pasta dishes I’ve liked and it’s sold in the freezer section of my Walmart and Sprouts.

Sprouts also had a pancake mix that I picked up and tried. The box has enough for two batches, so I made one and poured some into the pan. I always use a finger to catch the dripping batter from the edge of the bowl and then lick my finger. When I did this I just about spit that tiny drop of batter across the room. Since I had already filled the pan, I figured I’d let it cook and try to drown it in syrup to avoid wasting it. In the mean time I washed the remaining bowl full of batter down the drain. When I flipped the pancake, I cut a tiny pieces to see if cooking it was making a difference…and NOPE, still gross. Again, I almost tossed it, but then thought, well it’s already cooked. So I put it on a plate added syrup and OMGOSH it’s really, really good. Now I’m torched that I wasted the rest of the batter!

My true test though, is my son. For anyone that remembers the Life cereal commercials from a really, really long time ago…”Give it to Mikey. He won’t eat it, he hates everything!”…of course Mikey ate it…”He likes it, hey Mikey!” Well, my son is Mikey reincarnated. So I made the second batch of the pancakes and added chocolate chips. Took them to my son and guess what…he loved them!!!! I can’t believe I almost wrote them off.

In any case, for the sake of my “tubes” I’m adding fermented foods like pickles, olives and sauerkraut and I’m removing (slowly) all wheat. It’s going to make for an interesting year!

Anyone else try either of these two ways of eating? Advice, warnings, helpful hints are encouraged and welcome!

6 thoughts on “To free or not to free

  1. I ate Paleo for about a year. My husband is back on it. A lot of protein is the key. Once you have the gist of it, it is not difficult to follow. There are a lot of good Paleo recipes out there. It CAN be expensive and it CAN take some getting used to, depending on how your diet was previous. I’ve tried gluten free, and *blech*. However, A lady at church is Gluten free, and has made some really amazingly delicious gluten free meals. If you need any ideas of places to look to find Paleo recipes, let me know.

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    1. Thanks Iggy, I’m glad to hear it can be easy once you get the hang of it. I was a little overwhelmed trying to remember what I could and couldn’t eat. I will keep you in mind if I get stuck looking for recipes. Thanks!

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  2. Yes and yes. I have IBS or ‘tube troubles’. I began eating gluten free in about 2003 after seeing a homeopath. Now back in 2003, in glorious South Africa, NO ONE knew about gluten free. So it was a case of back to grandma’s old cooking style – make your own stock, soups etc, no baked goods like bread or cake or biscuits. Shops didn’t stock anything gluten free and food labeling was horrendous. It helps my stomach and aching joints and has been a life saver in not putting on too much weight since going back on medication – cos I can’t eat donuts, and cakes etc. The Paleo (protein with limited carbs and no sugar) was do-able but too expensive for me – having a steak for dinner instead of a baked potato….. sorry, my budget just doesn’t allow. But I did lose 5kgs on it. But then I went on and soon off olanzapine and gained it all back. As far as IBS, thumbs up for gluten free

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    1. Good info, thank you. I remember a friend trying to find Gluten free because her daughter had Celiac’s disease and back then she found nothing. Now it’s everywhere! So hopefully the gluten free will be sustainable. I’m having mixed feelings about the paleo because I tried Atkins years ago and that made me sooooo sick. Even after I got off of it, it took a while to feel better. I eat meat usually once a day if at all and my budget wouldn’t really handle more either! So, looks like gluten free is the winner!

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