Steering the ship

Some days I feel like I have direction. I know what to do and where I am going, and while it’s usually hard,  how to get there.

Other days, I feel lost, adrift in an unforgiving ocean called “life.”

Yesterday was a day of recovery. The last few weeks had taken their toll.

Today was the day that I pulled out the metaphorical compass in an attempt to start steering this ship again.

When I was about 25 yrs-old, someone in my business world sent me to a class about goal setting (BEST 1 day class I ever had!!!) Since then I have consistently set and worked towards goals. Small ones, big ones, medium one’s, it doesn’t matter. Some get axed, while others I eventually achieve. I always keep them written down because then every year around New Years, I can pull up the list and check stuff off, which feels amazing! Sometimes when I find myself directionless, I pull up the list just to give me a new start.

Today I pulled up my list for direction and what I realized was kind of cool. One thing I’ve wanted to do FOREVER is learn how to speak Spanish. I’ve taken classes, tried to learn from friends, and started the quest over and over again. I would get just so far and then stop for one reason or another.

Today I realized that I am closer than I’ve ever been to reaching that goal.

I’ve been using an app called “duolingo” for about 3 months now. I set my goal to two sessions each day which together takes no more than 10 minutes.

The first few weeks I felt a little stressed because some days my brain was NOT in a position to learn anything new. Then after the first month I realized that I could repeat a lesson over and over and still meet my goal without trying to learn something new when I wasn’t up to it.

Today I hit 61 days of consisitently doing two lessons. Even when I’m sick or depressed I do at least two repeat lessons. I usually do one during the 5 minutes I sit in carpool and the other when I eat lunch or when I’m trying to calm down before bed. More often than not, it was repeating what I had already learned, but by doing the repeat on days I was “off”, it allowed me to push forward and sometimes do more on days that I was feeling great!

I have now hit 49% fluency in Spanish!!! I’m so excited.

While this does nothing in the grand scheme of my life, it makes me feel more like the Captain of my ship today.

Carry on!

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