I feel like I am SO close to doing something real. Something that has the potential to help countless others and allow me to feel worthy of the life that’s been given to me.  Something that will give me a sense of peace.

And then…

Stop me if you know this one.

whenever I’m this close to success…I am even closer to hitting the self destruct button.

You have to be kidding me….really…WHY?????

I’ve spent most of this weekend sleeping. I’ve been eating crap.
I feel lost and disconnected.

I feel antsy…like I want to do something, but keep moving from spot to spot, project to project, task to task and accomplish nothing.

Please, Please, Please don’t let me eff this up…

7 thoughts on “DO NOT TOUCH THE RED BUTTON!!!

  1. Its all about self-love, feeling you DESERVE or DON’T deserve to achieve something wonderful. Maybe create a mantra for yourself – like “I rock my own socks off, I’m gonna fly through this and its gonna be brilliant”. I believe in mantra’s. They work in my life. I’ve found the more I repeat in my mind, something I don’t believe about myself, I can kinda trick my mind into believing it. EG. I tell myself ‘I am the bravest person I know’. I’m not brave, huge anxiety issues, but it does help me get done what needs doing. Some people pray, for me, it’s music and mantra’s 😉

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