As someone that deals with anxiety much of the time, this “uneasy” feeling is certainly not new.

Short weeks are always a blessing and curse. We have an extra day off, but things are usually busier in the remaining work/school days as a result, which can easily become overwhelming to me and mine.

I also pretty much told my ex, via email, that public school was not an option so I’m waiting for the fallout of that.

Meanwhile the nameless people I met this past Saturday are floating through my thoughts and weighing on my heart. I’m already brainstorming with friends about the next visit, but what will they go through in the meantime?

Tomorrow is a new day. I am completely prepared for the week, laundry done, showered, groceries bought.

There is a great deal of work ahead of me and a rested “brain different” person is usually more productive than a sleep deprived one.

With any luck, sleep will come easily tonight.

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