Climbing out of the pit

Happily my low has passed.  I hate the ones where I feel like my body is too tired to move and I find myself staring a lot, but my brain is not nearly quiet enough to sleep.  It just amplifies the inability to get away from it.

I am thankful today.  I’m thankful my son is doing well. Thankful for my counselor, who I just saw as she is always spot on. Thankful my low didn’t punish me for too long and for my friends & family who have enthusiastically jumped on my bandwagon for tent city.   I’m so happy to say, between everyone’s donations, we now have so much stuff!

We’ve collected: bottled water, protein bars, baby wipes to clean up with, blankets, hand knitted scarves, hand knitted hats, fuzzy socks, a couple of the big bags of fruit (apples & oranges) and a couple of variety packs of chips.   I have way more than I expected.

The weather turns cold tomorrow, so I’m hoping we beat the cold front by a few hours.

I thankful that I have something to turn my attention towards today, so that I am not able to hang with Depression.

One thought on “Climbing out of the pit

  1. Thank you Tempest. You’ve inspired me not to dwell on the struggles, but to go back to being grateful for the good things, the simple things. I do believe what you put out is what you get back. I will be grateful and have joy for all the RIGHT things I have in my life ❤

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