Brain rot

On days like these, I’m brought to my knees by the depression that makes my brain rot
As it holds me down, I watch all around, reminded of the normal that I am not

What brings it this time, not missed medication, not illness, not childs frown,
not hormones, not work flows, how can I fight, what I have not even found

I stay home for fear I’m not socially aware and I lack even a drop of energy
I search in vain to ease the pain, but time is my only frienemy

I hate how often I beg time to fly, someday I’ll regret this, I know
but my soul is inhabiting a broken body and sometimes I wish it would go

4 thoughts on “Brain rot

  1. My heart goes out to you… I understand that we all have days like this- some more than others. I will add you to my prayer list. I pray that God helps you to find a ray of sunshine at this moment. May you see in yourself, the beauty He sees with in you.

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    1. Thank you Rose. Yesterday afternoon I finally hit the lowest point, so after a tearful day, I feel like I’m on the way back up again. Thank you for the prayers, they are always appreciated.


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