With bated breath

We are going into day four of my sons medication change, I’m happy to say he is doing pretty well. While Friday night was a scary little trip down “OverwhelmingAnxiety Lane”, since then, he has felt good.

His doctor is new to us, because his previous doctor of three years disappeared without a trace just after school started. His new doctor is amazingly detailed and her knowledge of the medications we are working with has impressed me, which isn’t easy to do.

My son gained 10 pounds in a month on a new adjunct depression medication and since I provide all the food he has eaten, I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he has not consumed enough calories to justify that. His doctor was great, because not only did she respond appropriately and suggest a medication change, she explained WHY it happened and suggested fish oil to assist his body in recovering from the side effects of the medication.

***On a side note, I don’t name the medications because I know that some people tend to be frightened if they hear someone had a bad experience, even if it’s not the norm; however, if you are in a similar situation and would like to know more details to help you with decisions you may be making with your child, please don’t hesitate to email me. (addy on the “About” page)***

In any case, tomorrow will be a telling day…

Tomorrow is Monday, his most difficult day of the week and it’s day 5 of a lower dose of his typical medication.  At the moment, I’m surprised not to have heard any of the usual Sunday night requests to stay home.

I’m cautiously optimistic, but learned a long time ago, not to hold my breath.

Happy Monday everyone!

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