So Excited!

While I wasn’t looking forward to going into work today, because I was feeling a little apathetic, I’m so very glad I did!

I stopped at a co-workers desk to ask where she got the fuzzy socks she used to give to people at Christmas time. I told her it was for my upcoming trip to tent city and how I wanted to get them regular socks, but that I thought the fuzzy ones would be nice too. She lit up when I asked her and told me that she had purchased way more than she gave out this year and had been trying to find a place to donate them, so she is giving them to me on Monday!

What are the odds that I would ask her today and that she would just happen to have them??? SO VERY COOL!  Ask and you shall receive!

I also found out that Goodwill sells blankets for like $2.50, so I’m going to stop by and grab some this weekend since I don’t have to buy socks now.

I had hoped to get to tent city this weekend before the wintery mix of weather got here, but with being sick, I didn’t organize it soon enough. So it looks like it will be next weekend. I feel bad for waiting, but it will be nice to have the extra items when we go!

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