I feel pretty

If that title doesn’t conjure up the scene in the movie “Anger Management” where Jack Nicholson makes Adam Sandler sing it while holding up traffic on a bridge…click here.   It will put my post in perspective.

I ALWAYS underestimate the power of feeling pretty’s affect on my overall frame of mind.

Today I dressed up for work. I fixed my hair. I put on make-up. I even sprayed a touch of cologne. When I was ready, I actually felt a little better and like I wouldn’t leave people wondering if I had a home.

I have to laugh at myself each time I have this realization, because it has been something that has affected me all the way back as far as elementary school. I wanted to dress up and look pretty. Of course, somewhere around late elementary and early middle school, what I thought was pretty was “business attire” which made me look like a freak, so I stopped dressing up for a long time. Now that I am officially a freak, it’s much easier for me not to care. 🙂

I’m in a job that allows business casual, so I often dress down, but today I decided to wear a new outfit I got for Christmas and when I was dressed, I was once again surprised at how much better I felt.

Gone was the numbing gray fog in my mind…cya Depression…Joy and I are having a dance today!

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