And now we dance!

Depression and I are beginning our usual dance.  I’ve not felt well since Sunday and while I’d hoped to get back to work today,  when I woke up this morning my teeth were chattering from cold and I was nauseous.  It’s just a virus, but for me it’s like being invited to a “drink the cool-aid” party.

Because I haven’t felt well, I’ve not put on make up or fixed my hair in 4 days and can’t find the energy to care about how I look.  Thank God I have a hat for the trip I had to make to the store for cat food.

Now starts the fight to pull myself together and get out the door.  As depression and I dance, I have to continue to remind myself…this too shall pass.

Thank God for tomorrow…and another chance to overcome.


5 thoughts on “And now we dance!

  1. “This too shall pass”–such important words for getting through the worst days! (Also good for when your children are going through particularly annoying or troublesome phases.) Anyway, just wanted to say I have definitely been there, dancing with depression more days than I care to think about, but knowing it is possible to get relief can help me hang on. Sending you wishes for a short dance and the energy to take a nice long hot shower so you can enjoy your soft clean hair tomorrow!

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