planning my work, working my plan…

I have a cold, so I’ve been feeling a little crummy and when I feel crummy it’s easy to let the Depression start talking. So in an effort to keep my mind otherwise unavailable to Depression, I have been planning for a visit to the local tent city.

I’ve got 35 water bottles, 20 protein bars, 500 wipes (I’m going to divide into Ziploc bags so they can freshen up if they want) and 25 hand knitted scarves (compliments of my sister!) to keep them warm on these cold winter nights.

I still need to grab socks, which I plan to do this weekend.

A friend of mine is collecting beef jerky, mints and sunscreen.

I know it’s not a lot and it certainly isn’t going to save anyone’s life, but if it makes someones walk a little easier, I’m totally there.

Hopefully we can go either Sunday or the following weekend.

AND next on my list of “busy”ness….dividing up those wipes!

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