There is something so wonderful about the fact that you can periodically cut your losses and just start over.

Sometimes it seems redundant, every year, setting new goals and trying to achieve them…but it can be incredibly therapeutic.

I intentionally take random days off every December.  In the past, I was so overwhelmed during the holidays, trying to achieve it all, I couldn’t enjoy them.  I felt like I’d lost the Christmas spirit.  So having these days off, allows me to do what I need to do.  Sometimes that means I’m shopping or shipping, but sometimes it means I’m just home alone in the quiet, with a fire burning and hot cocoa.  The drawback is that sometimes I think too much.  On those days, I desperately look forward to the New Year.

It’s really not magical as much as symbolic, but either way….I welcome it every year!

I hope your 2016 is magical and a chance to begin again.  I’m anxiously awaiting the new start, right after I get some sleep!  🙂

Happy New Year,


I found this link to a list of 15 quotes about new beginnings to inspire.  The video on the page is not related.  New Beginnings

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