I will; I will not…

I was watching TV last night hoping to get tired, but failed to notice (until it was too late to take Ambien) that it wasn’t working and had another mostly sleepless night.   I ended up laying in bed having a panic attack about 12:45 because I knew I had to get up at 6:15 to get my son ready for school and I was affraid if I did fall asleep, I would over sleep.  At that point I had the clarity to take an Ativan and after I calmed down I finally feel asleep around 2am.  I was awake again before the alarm and my mind has been hyper all day.  I know I’m being affected by lack of sleep, but my body is still fighting it.   I’m just not one of those people that functions well on little or no sleep despite what my body would have you believe.

So, it’s time to incorporate the rules…hopefully they will prevent a really intense low.

  1. I will continue to eat regularly and healthy
  2. I will continue to drink plenty of water and decaff tea
  3. I will set my alarm to take Ambien at 10:30 even if I feel tired
  4. I will remember that my child who also struggles with a different brain needs a good example of what to do when feel you are sliding
  5. I will not contribute to my problems by drinking alcohol at this time
  6. I will not engage in obsessing over real or imagined problems, but instead, stay busy
  7. I will not let go of the rope!

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