Amazing Sunday, beautiful Monday!

I tried to go to sleep at 3 am, but still didn’t feel tired, so I took an Ambien because I knew I needed some sleep and played on the computer till 5 am when I finally got tired.

I slept till 11:30, but woke up feeling AMAZING!  Got up and blasted through my list of things to do.  Even got some things donated and laundry almost caught up.  Visited two of my sisters and still had time to play computer games with the kiddo.  Had trouble getting to sleep again last  night and finally took an Ambien at midnight (Thanks GOD for Ambien), so I woke up a little tired this morning, but feeling GREAT still.  Loved on all my kitties before work.  The sky was so beautiful, walking from my car to the office.  It was dark gray storm clouds against a bright blue sky with powder white clouds mixed in. The trees were shimmery from the humidity and sun peering through the clouds.  It jumped out like a 3-D painting.  It was so awesome.  What a gift nature is!  I feel like I could conquer the world!


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