Ok, I’ll admit…

In the beginning, I was thinking…”I’m NEVER going to get through this box today!”  I felt like no matter how many envelopes I threw away it wasn’t even making a dent in the pile.  As I continued, I kept thinking….”GREAT, day 2 on my blog and I’m already going to crash and burn!”

Then the coolest thing happened.  The contents went from old bills/receipts to my kid’s school work from a couple years ago.  Back then I had to keep everything until grades were published because we were having a struggle with assignments “vanishing into thin air!” 🙂

So, my super boring task, became of fun walk down memory lane.  I saved a few special things, but threw most out.  The items spanned about two years and reminded me of how one year, every assignment was titled with name, date and kitty face. 🙂  The teacher even thought it was so cute that when she wrote a thank you card for her teacher appreciation day gift, she added a kitty face to her signature. Another year was the year of Origami.

I started a little collection over the years for the special school items, but about 3 years ago when things got out of hand, I just started putting everything in a box to dig through later.

It’s a nice reminder that I’m in a better place.


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