Little pieces – day 2

I found out  yesterday that my Grandmother passed.  We were expecting it, but I’m still a little teary.  I think I’m going to try to get my family to create a Memory Jar for her survivors.  I probably won’t start it until after the funeral though as everyone is a little out of sorts.

So when I got up this morning I was already feeling a little blue and looking around at everything that still needs done just made me feel like going back to bed.  I briefly considered it and then remembered my little win from yesterday.

I feel like, both at work and at home, I am on the part of the roller coaster than is slowly creeping away from the station.   It is being pulled still and hasn’t picked up any momentum yet.  So I need to keep pulling things a long until I gain a little momentum. I can feel my mood and energy levels are rising again, so I’m going to do another little piece today.

Instead of fill a box for donation, I’ve decided to empty a box of old receipts and bills. It will take a little while as I always have to look through them before I shred because I sometimes put important papers in the box too, but I think I  can keep focused enough for one box and it’s only 11 am so I still have most of the day.

Also, I’m going to share a story on the inspiration page about one of my BDF’s (Brain Different Friend/Family)

Take care,


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